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Ensuring a secure bathroom environment is of utmost importance in homes, hospitals, and aged care facilities. Our products are meticulously chosen, prioritising falls prevention and infection control, particularly in environments with high moisture levels.


Patient Handling provides a wide range of bathroom accessibility products that assist the elderly, disabled and post-surgery patients to live a comfortable life. It is imperative to plan and make the necessary purchases for bathroom accessibility products that help users with reduced mobility. Bathroom assistive devices take care of user’s daily activities in the bathroom, preventing accidents and injuries.

Bathroom assistive devices help the users to achieve maximum benefits and independence in their day-to-day lives. It is vital for the user to feel at ease every time while in the bathroom.

Patient Handling offers different types of bathroom equipment that assist ease tension to the users. These are products range from bath aids, bathroom seating, bath boards, toilet aids, grab bars & rails, transfer benches, shower chairs and shower commodes.

Our bathroom aids are ideal for the disabled and the elderly. They are essential tools for users who require bathroom accessibility products. Bathroom aids help the user to be self-reliant as well improving their general lifestyle.

Bath board: The bath board is a bathroom assistive device that helps the user while in the shower. It offers a supportive experience for the elderly, those with a disability and post-surgery patients.

Bathroom seating: Bathroom seating offers comfort and support to the user when using the bathroom.

Grab bars & rails: Our Grab bars & rails are designed to provide users with a device to grip, increase stability and offer bathroom assistance for the elderly. They are positioned wherever the user requires additional support.

Shower chairs: Shower chairs offer a comfortable and safe bath and shower. Our shower chair is durable with an adjustable frame that helps the user to sit comfortably.

Shower commodes: Shower commodes are designed to assist the user with difficulty standing for long periods in the shower or toilet. They offer independence and reduce the risks of falling or sliding.

Toilet aids: The toilet aids are designed for bathroom assistance for the disabled. It assists users who have difficulty in using toilets or have reduced mobility.

Bath transfer benches: Bath transfer benches are bathroom assistive devices that assist with transferring in and out of the bathtub. They also provide a platform for sitting and are positioned over a bath.


  • They provide independence, privacy, and safety measures for the users.
  • They offer a comprehensive assistive living approach when using them. They offer support to the user and are comfortable using the bathroom.
  • They offer bathroom assistance for the disabled and reduce the stress associated with bathroom use.
  • They are effectively and efficiently to promote clients well being.
  • The user experiences comfort and eases when it comes to using this equipment, and there are likely to accept and get acquainted with them.
  • They can be used in residential and aged care facilities as they reduce the cost incurred by the users during therapy sessions associated with injuries.

Our products transform the lifestyle of geriatrics, disabled, and post-surgery patients.

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Patient Handling is founded on a sound base of great staff, great products and great partners. We strive to put our clients needs above all else and focus on well thought out solutions for complex needs.

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