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Lift Chairs & Recliners

A lift chair is primarily used to assist the user into a sitting or standing position making this piece of equipment invaluable for those with reduced mobility. This also assists where there are balance issues. 

The chair is used in either an upright seating position or in recline. Depending on the model, the recline will extend to a laying position. This full recline can be ideal for a daytime rest. The leg rest of the chair also extends to a horizontal position for enhanced comfort.
The main function of a lift chair, however, is to raise and lower the user to an upright position using a powerful lifting system. There are two motor options. Single motor raises the backrest, then the leg-rest and finally into a standing position. This is completed in a single function. A twin motor allows for these operations to be performed independently.

Lift Chairs are manufactured in a variety of sizes. It is ideal to select the right model to suit the user. Ideally, a size chart or a therapist will help with measurements to ensure an accurate fit. Many manufacturers often customisation to assist with this.
Because of this customisation, there are also many fabric options. These include cloth, vinyl and leather upholstery.
There are varying weight capacities across the different models with many brands catering for petite through to plus size. This is important to ensure maximum comfort and also safety.

When caring for another, a lift chair can minimise lifting and therefore reduce the risk of back injury. This can be essential if the carer is elderly or is also experiencing physical limitations.

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