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Bathroom Seating

The bathroom is one of the highest risk areas for falls for those with mobility issues or poor balance, and good quality bathroom seating can improve safety.  A smooth floor, water, and the need to transfer to the toilet, shower or bath are contributing factors to incidents in the bathroom.

 Safety in the bathroom is essential for the elderly, disabled.  It is also necessary to minimise the risk of a fall when recovering from a range of injuries or surgeries.  These surgeries include hip and knee replacements.  There is a range of bathroom seating equipment solutions such as shower chairs and stools, transfer benches for the bathtub and wheeled shower commodes. This equipment helps people to use the bathroom independently in a supported position safely.

Shower stools are ideal for smaller spaces where a shower chair may not fit.  Stools do not have backrest support; however, the frame for many of them includes armrests to assist with stability when transferring.  Most commonly used are Shower Chairs.  Shower chairs include a backrest to reduce fatigue, and they provide additional comfort and safety. These chairs are available with or without armrests.

Transfer Benches make it safer to transfer to and from the bathtub. The transfer bench fits over the top of the bath.  The legs of the frame sit on either side of the tub.  The user firstly sits on the bench and then lifts their legs into the bathtub.   

Many bathroom seating products are freestanding or have clamps or screws to secure them in place.  This type of fitting reduces the need to mount equipment to a wall permanently. 

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