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Rehabilitation is a broad term which covers an area of medicine that specialises in restoring, or maximising, a person’s mobility, physical function or range of movement. It is advised to undertake rehabilitation under the direction of a medical professional such as a Doctor, Occupational Therapist or a Physiotherapist.

Rehabilitation works toward achieving 100% recovery from mobility issues including injury and surgery, and focuses on both the recovery of the individual along with aiming to strengthen the specific area to prevent future injuries or relapse/infection.

The process of rehabilitation can span from several days, to months depending on the severity and impact of the injury or surgery. During this time patients will be guided through a variety of stretches, exercises and routines to encourage blood flow, flexibility, endurance and strength to the area and surrounding muscles and ligaments.

During rehabilitation, there can be instances that require the patient to continue through pain during a specific exercise or stretch. This should be closely monitored by the health professional and individual receiving treatment as can be the body’s own way of showing lack of capability. Pushing through these boundaries too early in during rehabilitation can lead to further injuries, pulled muscles, secondary infections and ultimately the slowing of recovery and progression.

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