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Diabetes is a chronic medical condition characterised by high blood sugar levels (glucose). The two main types of diabetes are type 1 and type 2. Both types of diabetes can lead to serious complications such as heart disease, stroke, kidney damage, nerve damage, and amputations if left untreated. Common symptoms of diabetes include increased thirst and urination, fatigue, blurred vision, and slow wound healing. It's important for individuals to have regular check-ups with a healthcare provider and to manage diabetes through healthy eating, regular physical activity, blood sugar monitoring, and medication as prescribed. At Patient Handling, we offer a range of products that can assist with a number of these conditions to enable independent living and the best quality care.


Diabetes is the fastest growing chronic condition in Australia- approximately one person every 5 minutes develops the condition. The group of metabolic disorders are characterised by a reduction in the body’s ability to produce insulin (type I) or to use insulin (type II). Those with diabetes may experience frequent infections due to decreased immunity; abrasions that are slow to heal due to loss of skin strength and elasticity; tingling, pain or lack of feeling in limbs due to nerve damage (neuropathy); loss of sight (retinopathy); damage to the kidneys (nephropathy); and cardiac effects.

Early intervention, including appointments with relevant health professionals, adaptive equipment and self-management skills, are crucial in reducing damage to body systems and organs and maintaining an overall state of wellbeing.

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