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As is the population worldwide, Australia’s population is ageing. The Bureau of Statistics projects that by 2064, people 65 years and over will make up 28% of the population. Multiple factors are contributing to this, including ever-increasing and improving life expectancy. From current research, several health conditions are most prevalent for older Australians, including arthritis, hypertension, hearing loss, diabetes and osteoporosis. At Patient Handling, we offer a range of products that can assist with a number of these conditions to enable independent living and the best quality care.


Ageing is the process of growing older and is characterised by physical, mental and social changes that occur over time. As we age, our bodies undergo various changes, such as a decrease in muscle mass and bone density, a slowing of metabolism, and a decline in the functioning of organs and systems. These changes can increase the risk of certain health conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, and dementia.

Mental changes that can occur as we age include a decline in memory and cognitive function. Social changes can include decreased social interactions, loss of loved ones, and retirement. However, ageing is not just about decline and disease; it also has positive aspects, such as gaining wisdom and experience, developing new interests and skills, and enjoying more time with family and friends.

There are also many ways to promote healthy ageing, such as staying physically active, eating a healthy diet, and staying mentally engaged, which can help to slow down the effects of aging and improve overall well-being.

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