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An amputee is a person who has had a limb, such as a leg or an arm, removed due to injury, illness, or congenital disorder. Becoming an amputee can be physically and emotionally traumatic, often requiring a significant period of rehabilitation and adjustment. Prosthetic limbs, also known as artificial limbs, can help amputees regain mobility and independence. These devices can range from simple hooks or hand-like devices to highly advanced bionic limbs that the wearer's own muscle signals can control. Physical therapy is also an essential part of the recovery process for amputees, as it helps them to learn to use their prosthetic limb and to regain strength and range of motion in their remaining limb. Amputees also have many support groups and resources, which can provide emotional support and help them connect with others who have had similar experiences. Here at Patient Handling, we're committed to helping you discover new ways to accomplish tasks and continue your independence.


Amputation is the surgical removal of a body part, such as a finger, toe, hand, foot, arm or leg. It may have significant consequences for your mobility, function, social interaction and independence. Pain, phantom limb sensations and emotional trauma can all make rehabilitation more difficult. According to the National Amputee Register, one in every 1,000 people in Australia is an amputee. Altogether, approximately 20,000 amputees are residing in Australia.

People who have had an amputation are often concerned about their appearance and how it will affect family, friends, and others. It’s pretty natural to consider how we look and how others perceive us as human beings. However, even though your physical body has changed, keep in mind that you are still the same person on the inside.

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