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Hipsaver - Quickchange - High Compliance with Tailbone Protection

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Hipsaver Quickchange - High Compliance with Tailbone Protection - 1 pant with hip and tailbone protecting pads permanently sewn in.

HipSaver Quick Change gives you all of the features and benefits of the HipSaver Nursing Home model but with the convenience of a snap down crotch panel. This allows incontinence pads and diapers to be changed easily and quickly and without having to pull the brief down.
All HipSaver garments and pads are laundry safe for washing and drying up to 95°C.
HipSaver QuickChange is available in grey with fly front.
  • All the features of HipSaver Nursing Home briefs
  • Snap down panel that enables quick pad and diaper changes without having to pull the brief down
  • Allows pads and diapers to be easily changed while the wearer is standing or lying down
  • Snap close front panel design reduces labour and saves time
  • Low profile, fabric covered snaps for ease and comfort
Hip Measurement
70cm – 81cm (28” - 31”)
82cm – 92cm (32” - 35”)
93cm – 102cm (36” - 39”)
103cm – 114cm (40” - 44”)
115cm – 127cm (45” - 50”)
128cm – 146cm (51” - 57”)
Intro to Hipsavers (01:29)
Introduction to Hipsavers. I am going to assume that you don't know very much about hip protectors so I'll start by showing you the actual hip protector pad that inside of every model of HipSaver. This is the open-cell foam that actually absorbs the energy. This material was invented by NASA and it was originally used to protect astronauts from against G-forces on re-entry to earth atmosphere. It is used in many applications now among them tempera-medic mattresses and pillows. You might be very familiar with those. So we cut the foam to the shape that we need and we put it inside a waterproof airtight pouch. This pouch is what goes into the actual germit one on either side and regardless of the hip protector model that you will see throughout this in-services, the hip pad remains the same. We change the designs of the garments, we change some of the details of the garments those were done to change the effectives and the ease of use for the end user and the caregiving staff. To give you an idea of how the energy is absorbed in this hip protectors, I'll do my little ode to Helen demonstration. Posted on video: Helen is the HipSaver creator's partner. She came up with this golf ball demo. This golf ball, I'll drop on the table and you can see that the energy will be return to me by the table. If you put the hip pad in place and drop it, you can see that the hip pad actually absorbs the energy rather than returning it to the end user. So that is a demonstration on how we avoid having energy transferred to the hip bone and potentially causing a hip fracture.
  • Intro to Hipsavers
    Introduction to Hipsavers. I am going to assume that you don't...
  • How to wash Hipsaver Hip Protectors

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