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Molift Rail System

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    Rail sections

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    Support brackets

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    Couplings & Switches

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    In-rail charging

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    Hardware & accessories

The Molift Rail System is easy to install in all types of ceiling and walls.  It is a cost effective solution for private homes, aged care facilities, hospitals, schools and any other institution requiring transfer of a user.  Designed and manufactured in Norway, the Molift Rail System is easily integrated and aesthetically flexible to sit within the design and architecture of a room. 


Molift Rail System (MRS) is a ceiling hoist system built in three different main configurations:
1. Single rail system
2. Traverse rail system
3. Combination of single rail and traverse systems
The area below the track system is defined as the lifting area. The area below a straight rail system is
limited to the rail, while a traverse system gives lifting area below the area covered by the traversing
secondary rail.




In a straight rail system the lift motor can be moved horizontally along the rail path. By combining MRS curves and rails it is possible to create single rail systems with expanded lifting area. The curve rail system can only be mounted to ceiling and does not allow wall mounting.

Ceiling mounted straight rail system

Can be mounted in four different ways:
1. Directly to ceiling without brackets
2. Mounted to ceiling with brackets
3. Suspended from the ceiling with telescopic brackets
4. Suspended from the ceiling with threaded rods

The image shown below is ceiling mounted direct to ceiling without brackets





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