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Molift Rail System

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The Molift Rail System is a cost-effective ceiling hoist solution for hospitals, institutions nursing homes, changing places and schools. It is easily integrated into the room environment and is aesthetically adjusted to the design and architecture of the room to make it a practical workplace for nurses and care staff as well as a cosy living quarter for patients and visitors. Molift has a network of professional project managers and certified ceiling hoist installation technicians. The Molift Rail System manual gives good and efficient guidance throughout the entire ceiling hoist project – from the planning stage to the rail system solution. Furthermore, it contains detailed explanations of all the components, material requirements, installation, mounting distances and safety aspects.

The Molift Rail System is designed and approved in accordance with ISO 10535, Second Edition, 2006. This Ceiling Hoist System has a locked rail profile with innovative solutions for integration into the ceiling. The system also includes points, crossings and transition connections, which makes the rail system incredibly flexible.

The Molift Rail System consists of very few parts, and most of them are standard, off-the-shelf components. This allows for one of the most efficient installation processes in the ceiling hoist system market, which in turn increases the profitability of the investment. In addition to its solid design, our rail system has the best capacity on the market in relation to its reach. All these features make our system extremely competitive with regard to making it a very profitable investment.

The Molift Rail System can be integrated into all types of ceilings and comes with a variety of lifting capacities: 160, 205, 230, 255 and 300 kilos, respectively.

There are three main ceiling hoist configurations: Single Rail System This features a straight rail or curve rail for a simple patient transfer for common situations such as transfer between wheelchair and bed. Traverse Rail System A highly flexible system to incorporate the entire lifting area within the one room. Room to Room Transfer The rail system is continued through doorways. This configuration accommodates transfer between rooms (climbing) or for switching systems.

- Easy to install
- Various weight classes
- A variety of installation options - integrated, in the ceiling, under the ceiling, on the wall, etc
- Can be installed in all types of ceilings

Architects & Builders please call 1300 137 875 to request detailed information on specifying rail systems.


The Molift Rail System (MRS) is a ceiling hoist system built in three different main configurations:
1. Single rail system
2. Traverse rail system
3. Combination of single rail and traverse systems
The area below the track system is defined as the lifting area. The area below a straight rail system is limited to the rail, while a traverse system gives lifting area below the area covered by the traversing secondary rail.






In a straight rail system the lift motor can be moved horizontally along the rail path. By combining MRS curves and rails it is possible to create single rail systems with expanded lifting area. The curve rail system can only be mounted to the ceiling and does not allow wall mounting.

Ceiling mounted straight rail system

Can be mounted in four different ways:
1. Directly to ceiling without brackets
2. Mounted to ceiling with brackets
3. Suspended from the ceiling with telescopic brackets
4. Suspended from the ceiling with threaded rods

The image shown below is ceiling mounted direct to ceiling without brackets


Figure Below: Ceiling Mounted with open ceiling using 40mm brackets


Figure Below: Ceiling Mounted with Telescopic Brackets





A wall mounted system is mounted on separate wall brackets or on brackets connected to uprights supported by the wall.

Figure Below: Wall Mounted Wall Bracket Supported by Upright Supports

 Ceiling Mounted with Telescopic BracketsCeiling Mounted with open ceiling using 40mm bracketsCeiling Mounted with Telescopic Bracketssrs-wall-mounted-wall-bracket.png

Figure Below: Wall Mounted Wall Bracket




A traverse system is built up by two parallel primary rails, a secondary rail connected to the primary rails by a traverse trolley in each primary rail. The lifting motor is connected in the secondary rail. This system allows full room coverage.







MRS allows a great variation of possibilities when combining traverse systems and single rail system. Transfer between different systems/rooms and locations can be solved in several ways with MRS The simplest way is by extending the single rail track through doorway.

Switch Systems

For Single rails, switching direction from straight rail to curve etc. Manually controlled.

Figure Below: Rail Switch



Traverse Switch

For transfer from secondary rail in a traverse system into a straight rail or another secondary rail in a traverse system. Manually controlled.

Figure Below: Traverse System with switch to straight rail


Figure Below: Traverse System with switch in both ends


Figure Below: Double Traverse System connect with switches



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